Fabricated Slide Gates

What are the benefits of going with a slide gate instead of a cast iron sluice gate? Check below for a few reason we might recommend slide gates over a traditional sluice gate. Please contact us if you have any more questions!

They're Light!

These types of gates are a much lighter construction and are available in several materials or combinations.

For example they're available in:

  1.  Fabricated stainless steel
  2.  Fabricated aluminum
  3.  Fiberglass resin
  4.  Fabricated carbon steel
  5.  High density plastic resin
  • Life Expectancy

    2-9 years

  • Quality Sealing

    Most manufacturers use rubber or ultra high molecular weight polyethalene (UHMW) as a sealing system

  • Easy to Replace/Repair

    Depending on the manufacturer, several makes of fabricated gates are good candidates for seal repair or seal replacement.

  • Cost Effective

    Fabricated gates are considerably less expensive in comparison to cast iron sluice gates.

  • Consistent Evironment

    They serve best when installed in locations where they function as “normally open” or “normally closed” isolation gates and less demanding environments.

Seriously, We Know Sluice Gates!

We are a small company with a dedicated team capable of correcting operating difficulties or leakage concerns involving cast iron sluice or flap gates, roller and fabricated gates of every make.