Engineering Services

Not only is Grealey Sluice & Slide Gate Consulting Inc. specialists in sluice gates and fabricated slide gates but our background and experience in engineering allow us to work on a wide variety of projects. 

What Else?

Here are some types of equipment we are able to supply.

Please contact us if there's something not listed here you'd like us to do! 

  • Fabricated steel bulkhead isolation gates complete with inflatable water seals.

  • Fabricated steel support structures for on-site hoisting and rigging.

  • Stainless steel lead screws/gate operating stems available in diameters 25.4 through 76.2 mm diameters, single or double modified acme, left or right hand.

  • Gearbox or actuator floor pedestals, wall bracket supports and replacement stem guide brackets with U.H.M.W collars.

  • Any structural steel fabrications that do not lend themselves to mass production.

  • Fabricated stainless steel slide gates.

Seriously, We Know Sluice Gates!

We are a small company with a dedicated team capable of correcting operating difficulties or leakage concerns involving cast iron sluice or flap gates, roller and fabricated gates of every make.